What have our customers had to say about their experience with The Worm Outlet. 
  1. A BIG THANKS! To The Worm Outlet for the order of red wigglers we received! I have never seen so many worms for the money! If you don't get your next order of worms from here, then you've paid too much for too little!
    Chris Adams
  2. Just got home from a long day and found a pound of redworms waiting for me from The Worm Outlet! Thanks that was quick. You better check your scales because I've got a LOT of worms here.
    Scott Huling
  3. Awesome red wigglers from The Worm Outlet. I missed the mail man last Friday and I was to late to pick them up at the post office Sat so then Sunday they are closed and Monday was Martin Luther day so just picked them up! They are in perfect shape! When they say a pound! They mean a pound! Superb Service!
    Larry Hall
  4. I received my worms today and I am very pleased. In the past I've gotten worms from Uncle Jims. I am more pleased with the order from you than any order with Uncle Jims. Your worms arrived in a much happier state.
    Dr. Peter Nelson - Doctor Dirts Farm
  5. Got my worms from The Worm Outlet today, all the way from Eastern USA to Western Canada. Thank you, it has been a most excellent transaction, although nerve wracking. After a long 8-day trip, the worms are recovering.
    Nathalie Pope
  6. I just wanted to let you know that my worms arrived yesterday. The box looked as if had been dropped because the corner was quite damaged. I was kind of worried about the condition of the worms, but when I opened the box I was pleased to see that everything still looked intact. I put the worms in my bin last night and they seem to be very active and happy in their new home. Hope you continue to have a lucrative business. Best wishes, Kelli Baker
    Kelli Baker
  7. "The worms made it to Mexico!.......... My team is happy so it must be good news....."
    Larry J Shier
  8. I too have purchased from The Worm Outlet The service was fantastic and got what I paid for, for sure. Thanks for keeping it honest.
    Gavin Ciccia - Jersey Worms
  9. "I will be placing my order right now! I have bought from The Worm Outlet Before and had Fantastic service! Please support PATRICK and his family business I Sure Will!"
    Larry Hall
  10. "Just purchased a lid from Patrick for my 360 bin to upgrade it. Highly recommend"
    Robert Reed
  11. Just received 1000 Alabama Jumpers from The Worm Outlet. These big boys are happy and healthy and waiting on dinner. Think I will wait a day and let them settle in to their new home. Thanks for the great service.
    Robert Reed
  12. "My European Nightcrawlers arrived today! I was literally shocked because they are fatter and so much longer than the Euros I have now from a previous vendor. The Euros you sent me are big enough to use just half a worm on the fishing hook, something I could never do before. And you really get the weight ordered. I highly recommend The Worm Outlet. The ordering process was simple, they responded quickly to my questions prior to order and my worms arrived quickly and in great condition. Thank you again, Connie Betz"
    Connie Betz
  13. "Here's a first look at what the Hybrid Worm Bin (My Worm Farm) looks like, two weeks after I got the Red Wigglers. I purchased my Red Wigglers from RedWormsExpress (link below) and I couldn't be happier. The worms all seem happy, they're eating quite a lot of food, and they're starting to compost the organic material/worm bedding."
    Wayne Meador
  14. Hi, Worms arrived safely and have spent the last couple of hours settling in their new home. I'm glad that your slogan is true and not just a marketing ploy. I'm anticipating several more orders in the future. It's nice to work with a pro!
    Gregg Phillips
  15. Having been victim of NAME REMOVED from Pennsylvania I was glad to find The Worm Outlet, an honest company, who sent me the species I ordered and well above the amount, not like the guy who ripped me off sending me invasive worms, and no place near the correct amount. Thank you again The Worm Outlet!
    David Bradley