General Tips for Sucsess 


Random Tips for Vermicomposting.

Use a rather protected spot out of summer sun and winter wind.

Keep the bin moist but not soggy. Too much water can encourage fermenting of the food waste, especially in the heat.

Make sure there's a constant supply of food. 

Red worms love corn meal. It also has nutrients that seem to fatten the worms up and make them hard-skinned, something desirable. In addition, corn
meal, encourages red worms to reproduce prolifically. So, throw in a handful once in a while. But remember all things in moderation and only as much as they will eat in 24hrs.

Too much food will kill them as much as too much water, because the food will ferment and make the pile acid, so feed conservatively until you see how much they will eat over time.

If you smell a sharp, acrid smell, stop feeding the worms immediately! Add additional bedding to dilute the food-to-bedding ratio. I suggest that you add ground egg shells as a buffer as well. A little mixing of the bedding every day for about 2 weeks to let the air help oxidize excess food and to let the ammonia/alcohol escape.

One sign of overfeeding is Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Technically, Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSF) will not injure your worms, but they love the acidic environment created by overfeeding, and signal that your bedding is becoming unhealthy for the worms. So if you see BSF in your bin, stop feeding for a few days, add some additional bedding, and turn your bin daily for about a week or so. The same goes for Pot Worms.

Recovering from disaster: Once in a while, it happens - you've overfed for way too long, and your entire bin is acid, or, you've forgotten to water for weeks, the and bedding is all dried out, and nearly all the worms have died. Remember that the worms have left many cocoons behind, and after you've corrected the problem, they will hatch, and you can repopulate.