About Us
At The Worm Outlet, we raise only the finest live composting worms for sale.  We sell red worms, red wiggler worms, composting worms, bait worms and more.    Our slogan is "When we say a pound of worms.... We mean a pound of worms."   

In 2011, after researching organic gardening methods, we were introduced to Vermicomposting, the art of composting using worms to break down the organic matter.  In 2011 our family ordered 1000 (1 pound) red worms from a "Big Name"  worm farm while we waited for the worms to arrive we made a worm bin using a Rubber-made Container.   The worms arrived, and to our surprise and dismay, there were at best 250 worms, most of which were old and dead, bone dry.  We contacted the company who agreed to send replacement worms another package arrived with about 100 live worms....   We cut our losses and put the worms in the bin to do their work....

About a month later, there was an ad on Freecycle for composting worms, we drove the hour drive to pick up the 3 pounds of red worms, 3000-3500 live healthy worms.  After a few weeks in the bin, we didn't like the setup and ordered a Worm Factory Composting Bin by Natures Footprint (We now sell these bins).   We moved the worms, and active compost over to the new system, the worms thrived and we fell in love with composting with our worms.  (They lived in our kitchen).

In 2012 we decided to get more worms, and use that Rubber-made bin from before, this time we ordered worms from a Southern Worm Farm, they arrived, about 300 worms that were in poor packing loose in the box.    The communication with that vendor was poor, we never got any replacement or refund.  We looked on-line found another "big name worm company, and same results, except 100 worms, not 1000...   We filed a chargeback with our Visa card and said enough worm farmers were turning out to be crooks...

In 2013 we still had more organic matter waste than our current worms could handle, we tried several other smaller worm farms to get new worms but the same story either the worms came in crushed packages dead, or they would send a quarter of pound of worms and a bunch of wet bedding as weight, that is until we found Special T Worms we ordered 3 pounds they sent nearly 4 pounds of worms in perfect shape and packing, only after getting our order did we learn that the owner was set to retire and close the business in less than 2 months....  We expressed our sadness with hearing this as this was the only time we had good luck with an HONEST worm farmer and he was going out of business, that is when he offered to sell us his worm farm.   After a few weeks of discussion our family decided, there were too many dishonest worm farmers in the country and The Worm Outlet was born.  We are committed to providing our customers with HONEST, DEPENDABLE customer service.  Like John, we always include more worms than our customer orders, because a happy customer and honest service are much more important than making a few extra dishonest dollars in our book.   We take pride in our products and services, sending extra worms with all orders, carefully packing the worms to ensure a safe live delivery.   Whenever possible we ship worms from our own worm farm, however, there may be times that we use partner farms with the same HIGH standards to delivery worm orders.  This is done when our supply is getting low, we have large orders for the week and cannot fulfill all orders from our stock, or when conditions here make it better for the worms to ship from a partner farm.  

Thank you for your business, God Bless! ~ The Cartwright Family

Some Facts
  1. Sold Pounds of Worms
    Over 1200
  2. Positive feedback
  3. Customers
    500 +
  4. Amount of Waste Saved
Customers Say...
Larry Hall, Brainerd, Minnesota
Owner of growbaggardensystems.com

Awesome red wigglers from The Worm Outlet. I missed the mail man last Friday and I was to late to pick them up at the post office Sat so then Sunday they are closed and Monday was Martin Luther day so just picked them up! They are in perfect shape! When they say a pound! They mean a pound! Superb Service!
Dr. Peter Nelson,  www.doctordirtsfarm.com

I received my worms today and I am very pleased. In the past I've gotten worms from Uncle Jims and have been very disappointed. I am more pleased with the order from you than any order with Uncle Jims. Your worms arrived in a much happier state, and many more worms for the money than Jim sent.
Bill Horan, President
Operation Blessing International 

"The worms made it to Mexico!.......... My team is happy so it must be good news....."