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Red Wigglers / Red Wiggler Worms - Eisenia foetida, they are the ultimate compost worm and that is what we mainly sell here at The Worm Outlet. They can process up to their own body weight in organic compost each day while providing extremely high-quality organic fertilizer as worm castings! These worm castings are known as Black Gold to farmers and gardeners due to it’s extremely valuable, nutrient rich properties.

At The Worm Outlet, we raise only the finest live red worms for sale. These red worms or red wigglers work hard breaking down organic waste and turning it into the finest soil amendment known to man. Worm castings or "black gold" provide the soil with essential minerals and enzymes only found in worm castings.

Red worms or red wigglers are a great addition to any compost pile or Vermicompost bin. Once established, the red worms / red wigglers will double in population approximately every 90 days. Quickly turning your trash into Black Gold!

The Worm Outlet is owned and operated by actual worm farmers who know the in's and out's of raising, selling and shipping worms. We raise Red Wigglers (Red Worms) and European nightcrawlers on site.  We also have limited supply of Alabama Jumpers, and African Nightcrawlers on site, and just started raising Blue Worms all in STRICT bio security control environment to maintain a pure stock of each breed.  Unlike other farms that are domains only and drop ship all their worms, without even raising worms, we farm worms on our farms.*

“Worms are the intestines of the earth” - Aristotle. d Wigglers, NOT RELATED AT ALL TO Uncle Jim's Worm Farm, Composting Worms, 

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